Why Your Website Needs Maintenance

Website-MaintenanceWebsite maintenance is something that is sort of an after thought for many small business owners.  Once the website is created, they think “I’m Good To Go” and don’t pay attention to the maintenance portion of owning and marketing a website.   Website maintenance should be viewed as part of your digital marketing strategy as this integrates directly into it.  Maintenance is something that affects your business, from outdated phone numbers and emails to static content and broken links.  Here are a few things that fall under website maintenance and why you need to consider it an essential part of your business.

Images and Functionality

From time to time a business may update it branding including color scheme, logo, etc.  This needs to be a consistent experience across all your digital properties from your social media to your website.  Images that portray a service you no longer are in can happen, this results in a prospects thinking you offer something that you actually do not and can again, harm the user experience.  If your website is dynamically driven, you will undoubtedly have to update functionality from time to time.  This is pretty standard with websites that are complex in nature and is something that needs to occur, everyone hates a broken link.

Landing Pages and Promotions

Along with managing the generally static content on your site such as top level pages “About Us, Contact, Services, Etc” there are other types of pages called landing pages and promotions that may need to be updated.  For example, a landing page that was created for driving your Facebook audience to buy a specific service or product may have a promotion end date of last year.  That would confuse users who find this page and give a bad experience (these people might have been ready to buy as well)

Blog Content Management

It’s true that most people who see your copyright notice from 2004 believe that your site hasn’t been updated since that time.  Content that seems outdated can provide a terrible user experience when trying to drive qualified prospects to your website.  This can result in a high drop off rate and ultimately make your digital marketing efforts stale and non-existent.  With content marketing ruling the digital marketing world, fresh content is a must.

Keeping your website secure

If your running your website on any open source platform such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or ModX. You will need to update your platform from time to time.  Sometime these updates have security patches that will help keep your website from being hacked, sometimes they have new features and other times they will be a completely useless form of maintenance.   If your website isn’t properly maintained, you can run the high risk of getting hacked.