How to Best use Remarketing Lists For Search Ads

remarketing-for-searchRemarketing and Retargeting are the latest buzzwords in online advertising.  Although most small businesses have never heard these terms, once they are explained they are accepted as a valuable way to reach customers in an efficient way.

Customers will do a number of searches in comparison shopping engines and on your website before they ultimately make a purchase. This lifecycle has created a new way to bring customers back to your site and reel them back in.

Search Remarketing In a Nutshell

Google’s RSLA (Remarketing Lists For Search Ads)  is essentially collecting the cookie of each visitor to your website.  It then put them in a list you set for a specific product or service, “Widgets List” or “Service List”.

As this list builds and reaches approximately 1,000 cookies or visitors the remarketing tool will start to go to work serving your ads back to visitors on other sites they visit.  These ads will follow them around until they clear there cookies.

Remarketing is Google’s tool but works the same way with other tools like AdRoll and Perfect Audience which are deemed Retargeting platforms.   Although search remarketing is only for Google searches.

How to Best use Search Remarketing

Remarketing is an excellent way of scooping up those customers who have fallen off the bandwagon.  For businesses that have a long sales cycle, remarketing is highly effective because it keeps you on top of mind when customers are searching for your product or service.  You can greatly increase your chance of winning there business if they see you everywhere they look.

  1. Create separate lists for each product or service
  2. Add your list tags to the appropriate pages and test them
  3. Create multiple ads for each list
  4. Track your remarketing in Google Analytics filters
  5. Add a frequency cap

For more advanced use of the RSLA check out this article from Search Engine Journal.

Improving your search remarketing Google webinar.